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Bespoke headwear

When you need a special headwear to match your evening gown or you want a brim hat for your summer holiday, don´t hesitate to contact me with your ideas or pop by at the studio in Helsinki and let´s create a perfect hat for you together.

The price of a custom-made headwear is determined on a case-by-case basis, depending on the hat model, materials and the amount of work.

Example prices:

Felt hat, no brim, starting from 115€

Felt hat with brim, starting from 190€

Summer hat, no brim, starting from 80€

Summer hat with brim, starting from 165€

Cocktail hats and fascinators, starting from 90€

The processing time depends of the queue at the time when you make the order, the nature of the hat and the materials. Usually it is around a month.

All items from my own collection can also be customised to your wishes. Items can be customised in a specific color, for example for an additional price of 10€ (Please note that the processing time is longer than usually) or you can deliver your own fabrics to me. I will be happy to help you to choose the fabrics and your own materials will receive a 10% discount from the normal price of the product.

In these cases, I wish that you would contact me first before ordering, so we can be sure that the changes you want, can be made to the model you like. 


Retrofem wearing straw hat made from vintage material. Photo: Marlene Welc Fotographia
Fruit headwear for Wilhelmina Af Fera. Photo: PinupWorshipFoto
Powder puff hat for JoyLicious. Photo: Kimmo Janhunen

Hat repairs

If you have old hats that need a style change, a size adjustments or maybe a new lining, come by at the studio with them and let’s see what we can do for them.

Repair prices are defined for each job separately.

Examples of prices:

Enlargement of the hat with a stretcher (done while waiting) 10€

Lining ribbon replacement starts from 39€

Repair of dents or other shape defects (felt and straw hats) starts from 35€

Complete style change, starting from 100€

Hat repair: dent and stainded ribbon
Hat repair: dent and stainded ribbon