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How to measure your head circumference.

For taking the measurements, you will need a plastic measuring tape.

When you take the measurements, make sure that the measuring tape isn’t too tight nor too loose.

There are two different ways to measure your head:

  1. is a measurement that you take horizontally around your head.

I recommend using this measurement when you order caps, brim hats or other hats with low crown.

  1. is a measurement that you take slightly inclined.

You can also take the measurement from on top of your ears if you want to cover them. If you don’t want to cover your ears, you can take the measurement from above them. I recommend to use this measurement when you order ”Lana” turbans.

If you wear glasses, leave them on when you take the measurements.

If you need any help how to choose the right size, please contact me.

How to take care of your headwear.

For hats, and especially woollen items, I mainly recommend taking them outside to ventilate, putting them in the freezer for a day or two and/or brushing with a clothes brush.

To get the stuffy smell out, you can also put the hat in a sealed bag with baking soda.

Items that has a lining, like ”Lana” turban hats, you can take the lining out and hand wash it with mild soap water.

DO NOT PUT ANY WOOLEN ITEMS IN THE WASHING MACHINE, or they will shrink and turn into felt.

For all the stretchy turbans (mainly the crown part) and headbands, I recommend hand washing with mild soap water. All embellishments are hand sewn, so the stitches may open if you put it in the washing machine. DO NOT use any fabric softener, since it will ruin the elastane’s elasticity.

I recommend that you only wash your items when the item is visibly dirty. Excessive washing, whether it is clothing or headwear, consumes the materials and reduces the life of the item.

Brushing, freezing and ventilation is a good way to take care of these items too.

If you have any questions regarding how to take care of your headwear, please contact me.