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Register and privacy policy

This is Rubylea`s register and privacy policy according to laws (10 ja 24 §)  and GDPR- laws in EU.

This policy is made 9th of January 2019. Last changes has been made in 28th of August 2019. 

  1. Registrar


Aleksis Kiven katu 38

00510 Helsinki


VAT ID FI27541165

  1. Contact person

First name: Eini

Last name:Immonen                  


Phonenumber: +35845 69 32 825 

  1. Name of the register


 member-, customer- and employee register 

  1. Legal rights and using the personal data

According to EU`s GDPR laws to use and access to personal data

– person`s agreement

-agreement with the registered person 

– the legitimate interest of the controller (for example, member-, customer-, employee or volunteer ship)

We are using this data to contact our members, customers, employees or volunteer workers.

We don`t use the data for profiling or policy-making.

  1. The data content of the registry

We save to our register the followinf data: Person`s name, personal identification number, company/oraganization, position, contact info (address, phone number, email address, the info of your order and the changes to them, the billing info and other data that is connected to ordering and customer relations).

All data will be deleted after termination of member-, customer and/or employee relationship.

  1. Regular sources of information

The data that we save to our register, we get from a customer by email, phone, agreements, meetings and other circumstances, where the customers provides this data.

  1. Transfers of personal data

We don`t transfer any data to the third persons and /or outside of EU or ETA.

      8. Protecting the data 

We will handel and process the data with care and according to the regulations.

When the data is saved to Internet services, the equipments and data services are protected. 

Registrar will take care that the saved personal data shall be treated with confidentially only by the people who are registered to do so.

  1. Rights of inspections and changes

Every person who are registered is a right to check and change their personal data. If the person wants to check or change their data, they must contact to the registrar by email Registrar may ask the person to prove their identity.

Registrar will answer to this person in the time of manner set in Union law.

   10. Other rights according to personal data

A person on the register has the right to request personal data concerning him or her removal from the registry.

Registrated persons also have other rights under the EU General Data Protection Regulation, such as the processing of personal data restriction in certain situations. Requests should be sent in writing to the controller.

Registrar may ask the person to prove their identity.

Registrar will answer to this person in the time of manner set in Union law.